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A few years ago I wanted to purchase a Jeep I looked and nothing had the old school classic look of a CJ. I had one right out of high school and have so many great memories of the fun we used to have in it. So I started looking for a CJ, I spent several months looking at what people advertised as –“fully rebuilt”, or “fully restored”, and even” full frame off restoration”.To my great disappointment these terms seem to carry a wide parameter of what you can expect in a finished product. I finally gave up and purchased a run of the mill quality CJ and decided to handle the rebuild myself. I purchased a rebuilt AMC401 engine, and hired a body shop to handle the rebuild, going over in great detail that I wanted it to look like a classic CJ but be able to offer me some of the modern conveniences of the newer vehicles. Including better ride & handling, custom stereo.

Even with hands on oversight, ordering parts myself and visiting the shop at least two times a week to check on progress. After 6 months and over $40,000 my Jeep was finally finished. After getting it out and riding around and looking closely at it I discovered that I had a good quality Jeep, but I did not feel like I had the great show quality Jeep that I expected for the money I spent.

I found another project jeep that I wanted to restore and being unwilling to go thru the same process again and expect different results was not a chance I was willing to take. So I decided to open my own shop and started by hiring two guys with over 40 years combined experience in the business to currentley having 6 full time employees and growing. Now every project we put out will be the show quality Jeep CJ that I expected mine to be. I am realizing after completing several projects and getting feedback from several people that I want to continue to offer show quality top of the line CJ’s but I am also starting to offer a couple of toned down editions as well, in an effort to fit a wider range of what others may consider to be their dream CJ.

Please look below at the three standard editions we offer. If you don’t see what fits your need give us a call. Thanks for visiting our site.

Platinum Edition

Is our top of the line barred CJ. It gives you the best of the great old school CJ look. New improved ride, handling, comforts and conveniences of a modern era Jeep.

Classic Edition

With this series we try to restore them like they just rolled off the assembly line (some items better). The classic series will definitely bring back old memories and feelings!

We Specialize in CJ Jeep Restoration

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